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Brand Story: Bax & Bay

We love the brands we work with here at Beyond the Stork. So much so, we love hearing more about them and the people behind them. This week, we are speaking to the lovely Lynsey from Bax & Bay. An inspiring lady with a great story to tell.

Tell us a little about you, your family and where you live?

My name is Lynsey Burns, I am 41 and I am the owner and designer at Bax & Bay. I live with my husband, two little boys (aged six and three), our two dogs and two horses in a little village in the Highlands of Scotland. I moved back to Scotland after living in London and Los Angeles for 15 years (well actually I only really came back for a holiday but met my husband and the rest is history!).

What led you to launch Bax & Bay and what was the inspiration for the name?

We originally launched as Cub Bag with our unique 3 in 1 luxury changing bag. However the plan has always been to do a range of creative projects so I changed the brand name to Bax & Bay, which allows us to be more diverse and build a full product range for parents and children.  

We launched in August 2015 after developing the idea for the Cub Bag for two years. The idea had been there for a while but paid-for work always got in the way of getting it all going. I then fell pregnant with triplets but miscarried at twelve weeks. After the miscarriage I threw myself into getting the business set up as a way of channeling the grief into something really positive for our family. It's been tough but has helped having something tangible to focus on.

The brand name Bax & Bay comes from the names of my children Baxter and Bailey. 

We love your Mama Fox sweats and tees, can you tell us the story behind them?

My sons were, and still are, obsessed with foxes (and badgers). My eldest used to get very annoyed when I called him Bailey and insisted I call him Fox.  At six he is now very serious about wanting to change his middle name to Fox. I have lost count of the amount of games we have played where I have to play Mummy Fox and I guess the idea came from there. 

Part of our dream for our brand philosophy has always been to make charitable donations to causes close to our hearts. I started to produce clothing as a channel to enable this. When I had another miscarriage in July of this year I gave all of our profits from that day away to charity and I am still stunned by how it helped me get through that crappy day. 

Giving money to charity makes me feel SO good and now I've got going I don't want to stop  - hence the Mama Fox Sweatshirts (£5 of every sale goes to the Miscarriage Association) and Rainbow Sweatshirts (£5 of every sale goes to Roald Dahl's Marvellous Children's Charity - a charity chosen by my sons). We are a small business and our donations aren't huge but every little bit helps and that feels great. It's also a lovely lesson for our children. 

We the love the fact that your products are made in Scotland…tell us more…

We love that our products are made locally. It really all started because it was impossible for me to get away and meet with producers and manufacturers. I am determined to build a successful business from wherever we decide to live and it was great to find a brilliant seamstress close to home. As we grow we would love to take over a unit and employ locally. It is so difficult for mums to find work in remote locations so to be able to employ local people, providing FLEXIBLE working hours would be our dream scenario. 

What makes it so difficult is that other brands in our market are getting bags made at far cheaper rates than we can possibly manage, while keeping production in the UK. Making our bags in Scotland means that our costs are far higher and push the retail cost up. However, the quality of our bags and the fact that we create local jobs is a big part of who Bax & Bay are as a brand so we will keep doing what we do. 

What is next for Bax & Bay?

Wow, there is so much happening. 

Our rucksack THE ZACK launched this month and we will also release a limited edition FOX ZACK very soon. Next month we will be launching new colours for our Mama Fox sweatshirts supporting a local charity. We will also be launching clothing for KIDS over the next few months. AND we have baby blankets coming for Christmas. 

For our bags and accessories - I have been researching new fabrics for bags and really excited about what is next - we got new samples back this week and they have exceeded all expectations - can't wait to showcase them in the New Year or maybe sooner. 

Last, but not least, our children's books will be out in 2017. They keep going on the back burner because everything is so busy but I really want to get them out there and published while my sons are still little enough to enjoy them!! 

Check out the range of Bax & Bay changing bags and clutches on the Bax & Bay brand page.

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