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Brand story: The Nappy Society

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Earlier this year we were delighted to welcome The Nappy Society to the Beyond the Stork family.  This week sees the arrival of a new product from The Nappy Society - Original and Compact inserts in a beautiful, neutral Sand colour.  We thought this would be a good opportunity to have a chat with Gemma from The Nappy Society and find out a bit about her and the brand.

You can see The Nappy Society range on The Nappy Society brand page. Want to know what others think about The Nappy Society?  You can read a review by blogger Jodie Melling (aka @wigan_mum on Instagram) here.

Tell us about TNS and why you launched the business 

The Nappy Society (TNS) was born to provide modern mamas with an alternative to traditional baby products currently on the market. Our bag inserts are the perfect solution, ideal for modern mamas who don’t care for the traditional baby bags on the market. They allow you to turn any tote into the perfect baby bag, and will help keep your life organised while maintaining your sense of identity and love for fashion and style. TNS inserts are crafted from a waterproof canvas, which has pockets for all your baby's needs. Want to change handbags? Simply remove the entire insert from your handbag and move it over in one go. Available in two sizes, they fit perfectly into the Longchamp tote, Louis Vuitton Neverful MM and GM handbags and the State of Escape carryall - just to name a few! 

The Nappy Society stylish modern baby changing bag inserts convert tote handbag satchel messenger bag luxury good quality uk retailer shop

I launched the business because I saw a gap in the marketing and I wanted to share my ideas, creations and passion with all the modern mamas out there!

How did you get the idea for the TNS inserts?

I have always had a passion for accessories, fashion and style. While working for Chanel, I developed an appreciation for luxury goods and customer satisfaction. This coupled with my experience within the retail buying industry, has proven to be the perfect mix of business skills to start my own company and follow my passion. Handbags and accessories have always been important to me, as I believe through fashion and style you can show your sense of identity. Reaching a point in my life where me and my partner, and many of my close friends were settling down and starting families, I started to delve into baby bag options. However I couldn't quite find the right product, I wanted something modern, functional and fashionable. As I looked around I started noticing more and more mums using their own large totes and handbags as a baby bag. They looked amazing, however were lacking the functionality and practicality of a baby bag. That’s when it came to me, how could I design a product that would enable mums to use their own totes and handbags for their bubs, while ensuring they would still be functional, practical and organised. And so, The Nappy Society was born. 

The Nappy Society stylish modern baby changing bag inserts convert tote handbag satchel messenger bag luxury good quality uk retailer shop

Tell us about you and your family

At the moment it’s partner Adrian and myself, however we are now looking to start our own little family, which is why now was the right time to launch The Nappy Society! I can’t wait to start using my own products after testing them out on all my family and friends! We are based in Melbourne, Australia.

My passion has always been accessories and fashion, starting my career at Chanel and then moving into more of a buying/planning role. As I started to mature my mindset changed from fashion to babies and that’s when I started to think about how I could harness my passion for motherhood and all things babies and turn that into a career.  

What do you love to do when you are not running your own business!  

I love to cook! I'm vegan so I love to create and experiment with different meals, I find cooking very therapeutic. I also love to stay active, yoga and running helps me de-stress and deal with balancing my personal lifestyle and schedule of running a business! Family is also very important to me, so whenever I have time I always spend time with my family.

The Nappy Society stylish modern baby changing bag inserts convert tote handbag satchel messenger bag luxury good quality uk retailer shop

What is the best thing about running your own business?

Seeing something you have worked so hard on come to life, and all the wonderful feedback and support you receive from your customers, and hopefully inspiring others out there! I also love being busy and love to learn, so it’s great being involved in all aspects of the business from start to finish. 

And the worst?

It can be hard to switch off, something I am trying to focus more on, a little bit more of me time and family time! 

What is next for TNS?

We have a few exciting projects in the pipeline! Unfortunately we can’t reveal anything at the moment, but stay tuned for more details!

With Love, 

The Nappy Society XO

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