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Mini Adventure: The Horniman

Claire and I first visited the Horniman Museum and Gardens about three years ago, on a wet and cold Easter Monday while expecting B.  I remember it vividly, it was at that moment that we realised what we had let ourselves in for. The place was awash with children of all ages, letting off steam after being cooped up over the wet weekend and possibly learning a bit too. Fear took hold at that point. However, fast forward a couple of years and the Horniman has come into its own for us as a family, we spend a lot of time there.

On my penultimate day of shared parental leave, while O was settling into her nursery, B and I found ourselves looking for a way to pass some time. We normally head to one of the big parks near us, but on this day I thought it might be nice to do something different.  Plus, the Horniman has both outdoor and indoor activities and the sun was savage!

We recently joined as members.  Not sure why it took us so long, for £48 a year we have unlimited access to the aquarium and many of the exhibitions.  B loves the current dinosaurs exhibition. The first stop on our Horniman adventure was the aquarium, it’s small, but has everything you expect…except maybe sharks…and is compact enough that your mini can’t get too far away from you. B's favourite is the tropical tank, as he likes spotting 'Nemo’ and the ‘blue Nemo’ (aka Dory). After 20 minutes or so of finding Nemo (see what I did there?!) we headed upstairs to the dinosaur exhibit. This is really great but unfortunately is coming to an end soon (it finishes on 30 October). There are lots of displays as well as interactive ‘fossil digging’ and a reading / dressing up corner…B very much enjoyed being a ‘Brontosaurus’.

After refuelling in the cafe we wandered around the gardens, trying out the music making area and checking out the small Animal Walk which has goats, rabbits, chickens, alpacas and more. I asked B what he would like to do next and he replied with much enthusiasm, ‘dinosaurs and Nemo’, so back we went to do it all over again, and do you know what…? I loved it!

What we took

Tiba + Marl Mini Elwood Kids Backpack Sticker Print



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