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WILD HEARTS WONDER joins the Beyond the Stork family!

We are super excited here at Beyond the Stork as Wild Hearts Wonder has joined our family!  The Wild Hearts Wonder collection contains a range of whimsical cushions, prints and wallpaper which has been created to ignite children's imaginations and encourage a love of nature. The unique print stories are hand-painted and digitally printed enabling you to see every brush stroke.  Today we are speaking to the lovely Emily, one half of the creative geniuses behind this stunning brand.

Welcome to Beyond the Stork!  Tell us about Wild Hearts Wonder.

Hello! Wild Hearts Wonder is a children's lifestyle brand that features hand-painted print 'stories' across clothing, accessories and interiors. Our print stories have been created to ignite children's imaginations, encourage a love of nature and inspire creativity.

What did you do before Wild Hearts Wonder? 

I (Emily) was a fashion buyer for Topshop and a buying manager for French Connection, before I left to go on maternity leave. Mairead had worked in financial HR before embarking on a career change, re-training to become an interior designer.

What led you to change your careers and start Wild Hearts Wonder?

We've always wanted to work together somehow and have concocted many 'I have a cunning plan' Blackadder style ideas that would never work in reality. After searching for beautiful, playful and modern prints for our own children, we realised there was huge potential for something different.

Unfortunately, as so many mothers are also facing, we didn't feel we could juggle the five day working week. Our priorities shifted and we had to think of another plan! I started creating the prints about 18 months before we launched as I was desperate to do something creative alongside being a parent, and Mairead was keen to work on a new project focusing children's decor, so the timing was just right.

Can you tell us about you and your families? 

We are one of four, and we grew up by Epping Forest. Mairead has four (yes four) kids, two boys and two girls, and I have two, a girl and a boy. It's lovely to be able to work together now as we really understand the other and be brutally honest with each other.

Your prints are beautiful: where does your inspiration come from?

Thank you! Our main inspiration comes from nature, we were so lucky to have grown up with a beautiful wilderness on our doorstep, there are so many fond memories of forest walks that have been brought to life within the prints. I also try to create a modern twist so that they appeal to the modern mum.

What motivates you?

It sounds cliché, but we are motivated through fulfilling our passions of painting, interior design and fashion design. Also working for ourselves is a big motivator, although there are days when we need a little encouragement from the other. Our parents are very supportive of us being entrepreneurial, which has really helped. During the early weeks they have been wallpapering and blind making in exchange for cups of tea so we are indebted to them! 

What is next for Wild Hearts Wonder?

We are working on a new collection of prints for next year. We just want to continue to grow and gain exposure so that we can dedicate ourselves to Wild Hearts Wonder for the longer term. Anything to avoid that dreaded commute right?!

Check out the Wild Hearts Wonder brand page to see the range and for more information on Wild Hearts Wonder.

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