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Bax & Bay


Bax & Bay's goal is to provide beautiful, simplistic and versatile accessories for parents and children, while never compromising on individual style. Bax & Bay's baby bags are designed and created by a mum, who never could find a changing bag she liked. The bags are designed to meet the needs of mums and dads and Bax & Bay's goal is to provide a product that is not just a changing bag, but one that works perfectly for every day use. Bax & Bay's multi-functional bags are perfect as a work bag, sports bag and great for travelling (especially with kids in tow).

Bax & Bay believes that happy parents, make happy children and Bax & Bay is committed to designing and producing high quality accessories that parents will love. They use only the highest quality materials and fabrics, safe for use with babies and children. All of the products are designed and handmade in the Highlands of Scotland. All of the materials and fabrics are made in the UK.