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Etta Loves

Etta Loves sensory 100% cotton muslins aid visual cognitive development babies monochrome stylish modern jen fuller
Etta's mum Jen founded Etta Loves when she was a new mum who wanted to take more control of her life, and do something that she loves and believes in. Whilst sat on her sofa with a heap of mucky muslins by her side, Jen realised that four week old little Etta was staring at her top. Unsurprisingly it was a simple black and white pattern. This got Jen thinking; why isn’t one of the most seen items by babies designed to stimulate them and capture their attention? And why wouldn’t you use medical knowledge of babies' visual development to make them the best that they could be at doing this? And while you’re at it they should be stylish... 
Etta Loves muslins are not only practical, super-soft, absorbent 100% cotton, but they have been designed with input from an early years visual expert, to ensure that they stimulate babies' visual and cognitive development. As such the range is split between 0-4 months and 5+ months.
As an added bonus they look fabulously stylish, so whoever uses them will look great, regardless of which bodily fluid they might be trying to catch…