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Micro Scooters

Micro Scooters was founded by Anna and Philippa. Weekday mornings can be a battlefield, when you have children who are full of energy and yet reluctant to go to school. Let's be honest, there are only so many times you can ask a child to clean their teeth and put their shoes on without feeling like you're going a little bit nuts!
When Anna and Philippa discovered the wonder that is the Mini Micro, they felt that their prayers had been answered. Suddenly, their children were ready and raring to go every morning, all for the thrill of scooting to school. Their children needed the opportunity to expend their energy before going into the classroom, rather than being bundled into the car and the 25 minute scoot to school each morning proved the perfect answer...and their teachers noticed a difference in their concentration levels too. It was then that they realised that travelling by scooter can transform everyday life. Scooting is greener, healthier and so much more fun.
It’s why they set up Micro Scooters and a scooting movement was founded. Since then, we have revolutionised the school run for over 2 million children (and their frazzled parents) who now regularly scoot to and from school every day.
Please see the Beyond the Stork range of Micro Scooters below which are suitable from 12 months to five years. Happy scooting!