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Takuro believes in the powerful combination of adventure & equality. Everyday is an opportunity to explore and every adventure offers the chance to make the world a better place. Takuro products are made in the UK by skilled craftsmen. Britain has a rich heritage of manufacturing and Takuro is proud to be a part of it. It allows Takuro to maintain a high level of quality while supporting the local economy. Takuro's main factory is based in the heartland of English industry, producing its iconic backpacks from entirely British fabrics and hardware.

Takuro wants others to benefit from the things they make. Takuro strives to craft beautiful things and to use the profits to help evoke change in the lives of outcast widows in Nepal, who have suffered generations of discrimination. Partnered with the charity WHR-SWG (Women for Human Rights - Single Woman's Group) which is based in Nepal, Takuro helps to fund their incredible initiatives that support these women and their families.