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Thea Chops Books

Thea Chops Books began life when author and mum of one, Suzanne Hemming, decided to start self publishing her rhyming children’s books.  She never intended to become a publisher!  But by happy default of the self-publishing process, Thea Chops Books is now up and running, with the intention to publish inspiring and empowering books for boys as well as girls.
Thea Chops Books believes that all too often, the messages in the stories we read to our children, are outdated and not relevant in a world where men and women are equals.  The Princess and the Pea?  A story about a young woman, whose future mother-in-law is so disbelieving of her claims of royal status, she forces the young princess to sleep on a pile of mattresses, so high, that if she so much as rolls over in the night, she’s looking at multiple bone fractures!  Cinderella? The prince doesn’t even recognise her once she’s changed into day wear, yet one shoe later and she’s agreed to live happily ever after!
All joking aside, words are powerful, and the messages we send to our children now, will form their characters and stay with them for ever.
Thea Chops Books believes in sharing messages of equality and unity, and teaching our little ones that they can be whoever they want in life.