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MICRO SCOOTERS - Micro Helmet - Neon Pink

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Micro Scooters for children aged 12 months to 5 years. UK stockist. Free shipping. Discount for newsletter subscribers.

Available in two sizes, Micro helmets will allow your child to scoot or cycle safely. Measure around your child's head (above the ears and above the eyebrows) and choose from a small or medium helmet to get the perfect fit. If your child's head measures between 48-52cm buy a small helmet. If it's between 53-57cm buy a medium helmet. All Micro helmets are certified for scooting, cycling and skating (EN1078 Safety Standard).

Check out the Micro Scooters brand page to see the range and for more information on Micro Scooters.


  • Conforms to EN1078 Safety Standard.
  • 11 vents to keep heads cool.
  • Injection moulded ABS hard plastic.
  • Rear adjustment wheel to ensure a snug fit.
  • Adjustable straps and quick release buckle.
  • Lightweight inner shell with foam pads.

Safety tips

  • Firstly, ensure the foam pads inside the helmet are secure and fitted correctly.
  • Adjust the ratchet on the back of the scooter helmet until it feels secure.
  • Leave the chin strap undone for now and ask your child to shake their head from left to right…. the helmet should not come loose.
  • Now get your child to bend over so the top of the helmet is facing the floor. The helmet should not come off even with the chin strap left undone.
  • If it does fall off then you should tighten the ratchet at the back and check the foam pads inside the helmet. If it still falls off then you may need a smaller size of helmet.
  • If the helmet has stayed on then now’s the time to fasten the chin buckle. For the perfect fit you should be able to slip one finger underneath the chin strap and your child’s chin.
  • Once buckled up your child is ready to start their scooting adventures.

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